We’ve all been there:  Relationships can be hard work sometimes, even with your soulmate!

A Good Couple’s Counsellor Will Work With Both of You to:

  • Identify and celebrate what the two of you do well together, and build on those successes
  • Identify what unintended barriers may exist which prevent both of you from getting more of what you want in your relationship
  • Help you make a plan and learn tools to sustain improved communication and intimacy together

Our Philosophy For Couples:

We assume you are intelligent, highly capable individuals who don’t need to be ‘fixed.’  You and your partner got together, and committed to each other, for a reason.

We believe you have the strengths and intellect necessary to succeed together.  And, you may have reached a point in your relationship where you and/or your signficant other can use a little outside perspective, and more information to help you get to the next level.

Our practice sees couples who have been together for just a few months, and those who’ve been with each other for decades.  Issues we have handled together have ranged from:

  • communication challenges
  • parenting styles/blending families/in-laws
  • career stress
  • pre-marital preparation
  • money
  • interfaith issues
  • sexuality
  • affairs
  • preventing a break-up
  • negotiating post-break-up
  • parenting post-divorce
  • substance abuse
  • mental health/depression

Most couples find that 4-6 sessions are enough to see a positive change, but every case is unique.  You may want more or fewer sessions.

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