Building A Lasting Connection™ Workshop

What it is


Based on the latest attachment and education research the Lasting Connection®️ Workshop is designed to provide couples with the essential components their relationships need to build a lasting love that can withstand the stresses, storms and challenges that every relationship, no matter how loving, must face.

This event IS NOT therapy. It’s a workshop that is designed to stand alone, or if you are currently engaged in couple therapy, to enhance and accelerate that work. It is made for relationships at any stage.

It will provide you with :

  • The very latest research and information about what the science says leads to clear, secure connection and communication in relationships.
  • A series of practical, engaging activities where you and your partner will experience the direct application of what you learn.
  • A framework for having real, productive conversations that can make the hard topics an opportunity for even deeper connection rather than turning into hurtful division and mutual frustration.
  • Real results and practical tools to use after the workshop ends so you can continue to experience continued growth and the ongoing deepening of your bond.

Workshop Agenda


You will learn how Attachment Theory in Adult Relationships plays a key role in a sense of safe, secure relating with your person.

We discuss the four types of attachment strategies and how each type attempts to obtain closeness and connection.

We highlight the role of early life experiences in how we show up in our primary adult relationships, especially with our chosen partner.


In this session we cover how intelligent, well-intended, loving adults might find clear communication with their partner to be such a frustrating challenge at times.

You will learn how your attachment strategies can create an unconscious "curtain of emotional distortion" between you that leads to misunderstandings, triggers frustration and generates hopelessness with the person you most long to be understood and seen by.

Each couple learns to use the Lasting Connections™️ mat—a proven process for disrupting that cycle of frustration, allowing you both to send and receive clear messages to/from your person.


We will build on your understanding of your communication patterns and attachment strategies by learning more about the latest in brain science: how our brain and body signal safety or threat in our relationships.

We will apply that knowledge directly to how it might cause each of you to react in specific ways to conflict, and how attempts to resolve that conflict are met with more, not less of it.

We flip the Lasting Connections™️ mat to side two, and walk through (literally!) how to move from conflict to connection, mutual support and collaboration.


We will learn about the power of physical intimacy in all its expression: touch and the connection between sex and satisfaction in relationships.

We highlight the four elements to physical intimacy: romance, time, foreplay, and privacy.

You will then learn the three types of sex and the role that a safe, secure emotional connection plays in fostering physical closeness.

You will learn how communication plays a critical role in enhancing intimacy in every form, in an out of the bedroom.


We end by bringing all that you’ve learned into a discussion about mutual, shared goals and leaving the workshop with a renewed commitment to being on the same team.

You will use the Lasting Connection Map to reinforce the elements of a lasting relationship: getting to know you, emotional connection, trust, commitment, and physical connection.

You will identify and agree together on adopting daily rituals and actions that build on the connection you’ve created with your person throughout the workshop.

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