Addiction & Substance Use

No one sets out to become dependent on drugs or alcohol.

For the vast majority of us, our relationship with drinking or substance began simply enough: it made us feel better, relaxed us, helped make an event more fun, etc. Gradually, that changed and it required more to get the same effect, then we needed to use it more often just to feel "normal." It started to have a negative impact on our lives: relationships, work, finances, name it. Now, everything seems to be in chaos, and we don't know how it got this way, or how to make it stop.

There is help. I use an Attachment-Focused approach that incorporates talk therapy and EMDR to get to the heart of what might have started the cycle of dependence.

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If you, like many, started drinking, smoking, doing drugs, or anything else to take the edge off, but now find that things are getting out of control, you aren't alone.

The good news: treatment works. Call today to take the first step to making a positive change